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Fun and Fitness for Little Ones

Little Dragonflies aims to encourage children and their grown ups to enjoy yoga and massage together, helping to make it a warm, happy and rewarding experience. 

Parent and Baby Yoga is a mixture of gentle stretching for both parent and baby, with gentle action songs and stimulating sensory play.

A nurturing experience for parent and baby, it can help baby to relax and sleep better, babies enjoy repetitive, soothing motions.

Toddler Yoga aims to build their strength, flexibility and increase their body awareness, balance and coordination. It can also provide the early emotional building blocks to mindfulness and help to develop language and social skills.

Baby Massage encourages interaction and the gentle bonding between parent and baby, aiming to help your baby relax and sleep. It positively affects infant hormones that control stress so may reduce crying, aid digestion and helps to ease colic symptoms.



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